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Sedona, AZ – Perks of Visiting our Coffee Shop for Cold Brew Coffee

Our Proven Process Creates Exceptional Cold Brew

Cold brew coffee started out as a fad but over time it’s proven this flavorful drink is here to stay. This unique way to enjoy coffee has become the drink of choice for many people seeking an energy jolt, and if you are looking for a delicious cold brew in Sedona, our local coffee shop has the perfect option for you.

Whether you’re a seasoned cold brew expert or you want to experience it for the first time, we welcome you to try a cup at Sedonuts. We’re proud to be the #1 coffee and donut shop in the Southwest, and our hand crafted drinks and treats are sure to keep you coming back again and again.

In the next few sections, we will discuss why you should stop in to Sedonuts for your next cold brew. Read on to learn more about your new favorite coffee shop!

One-Stop Coffee Shop in Sedona

Our coffee shop is located in the heart of the Red Rocks, and we welcome in our locals and visitors alike every day to enjoy our house-made menu items. While most shops focus on coffee or donuts, we give a great deal of care to crafting both at Sedonuts. By using the highest quality ingredients and making everything fresh in our store daily, we’re sure to provide the perfect combination of drinks and treats to start your day.

Small Batches Crafted From Peruvian Beans

When it comes to cold brew, we take extra steps to ensure the final product is balanced, smooth, and exactly what you’re looking for. The biggest difference in our cold brew starts with our beans. We import coffee beans directly from Peru, one of the top coffee-growing areas in the world, using fair-trade practices. Our beans are small batch roasted weekly here in Arizona. We then hand craft our cold brew in store by steeping these high quality beans for 24 hours in small batches, and the result is a mildly acidic full-bodied, balanced cup you’re sure to enjoy.

Ideal Freshness In Every Cup

As mentioned before, our Peruvian coffee beans are a big part of what makes our cold brew, and all our coffees, so exceptional . Our goal is to ensure every cup is as fresh as possible, and to accomplish this all of our coffee is ethically sourced and we roast the beans weekly right here in Arizona. This means your cold brew is made from freshly roasted beans which haven’t been shipped or sitting for a long time.

Made Your Way

Cold brew, like coffee, can be tailor made to fit your unique tastes. Some people like cold brew straight with no add-ins, and if this is you then you will love ours, but we can also customize your drink. Our baristas can add in milk, milk substitute, flavors, or even espresso to create the ideal cold brew for you.

We would love to welcome you to try Sedona’s finest cold brew next time you’re in the area. If you are a local, stop by and try us out. We’re confident we will become your new go-to place for cold brew and other coffee and donut favorites. Stop by and see us today!