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Coffee is delicious. Chocolate is delicious. Combine the two and you get a unique drink called a mocha, and it’s no wonder it’s one of the most popular items we serve at our local coffee and donut shop.

Mochas are one of the many speciality drinks we offer at Sedonuts, the #1 coffee and donut shop in the Southwest. Coffee and chocolate lovers rave about our mochas, and in the sections to follow we will answer a few common questions about these delicious drinks and discuss why Sedonuts is a popular coffee stop for anyone in the Red Rocks area.

What is a Mocha?

A mocha is a form of latte, which is a drink made with coffee and steamed milk. Mochas are easy to drink and enjoy due to their creamy texture, and many people choose to top them with whipped cream to create the perfect coffee-treat combination. Mochas are made using espresso and steamed milk (much like a latte) but the key difference is a form of chocolate is added to give the drink its unique flavor profile.

What Makes Mochas From Sedonuts Unique?

There are a few ways our mochas stand out from others you might have had in the past. We make everything fresh right here in our shop, and our staff members are experienced in creating craft coffee beverages to the preferences of our customers. We use the highest quality espresso beans in our mochas, which have been imported directly from Brazil and roasted locally. The result is our Vortex Velvet roast, and you’re sure to love the taste. When making a mocha, one usually chooses between a chocolate syrup or a powder. At Sedonuts, we add premium Ghirardelli chocolate powder which creates a delicious flavor.

What Kinds of Mochas Do You Offer?

We offer mochas to fit your unique moods and needs. Mochas are versatile drinks and can be served hot or cold depending on your preferences. Also, we offer extra espresso shots if you need your mocha to power you through a hike, a meeting, or an otherwise busy day. If you want to wind down with a mocha, we can use decaf espresso instead. Some people even choose to add other flavors like vanilla, honey, pistachio, and more to their mocha for a unique finished product. Whatever your mood, your energy level, or the weather, we have the perfect mocha just for you.

About Our Local Coffee and Donut Shop

Sedonuts is a favorite of locals and visitors alike, and we welcome crowds of people into our shop every day. In addition to our full menu of coffee beverages, we also offer scratch-made donuts in a variety of types and flavors. Our fresh-made coffee and donuts are the perfect pairing to start any day. If you’re in the Sedona area, we would love for you to come try a mocha or any of our other delicious products today.