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If you’re not a big coffee drinker, it might seem hard to find the right drink for socializing or to get a quick energy boost. If you’ve tried coffees and espressos and can’t seem to find the right drink for your tastes, a chai tea latte might be exactly what you need. These drinks are refreshing, unique, and loved by our locals and team members at Sedonuts, the #1 coffee and donut shop in the Southwest.

We’re here to explain why our shop is the perfect place to grab for a chai tea latte, and in the next few sections we will answer a few frequent questions about these popular drinks. We’re proud to be home to the best lattes in the Red Rocks area, and we would love for you to come try one any time.

What is a Chai Tea Latte?

It’s ironic one of our more popular items isn’t actually coffee-based at all. While you might be familiar with a traditional latte, which is made with espresso, a chai tea latte uses black tea and spices as the base. The result is a unique flavor, and many people say it reminds them of the Holiday season because of the spiced taste. Like a traditional latte, a chai latte also contains steamed milk and is finished with milk foam. The result is a creamy, easy to drink beverage which you’re sure to love!

What Makes Chai Tea Lattes From Sedonuts Unique?

Since you’re now aware of what a chai latte is, let’s discuss why you will love one of ours. Every beverage we make at Sedonuts is made to order, and the freshness of our drinks is obvious as soon as you taste, see. When it comes to chai lattes, we use a quality blend of spices which gives our drinks a smooth consistent taste. Our chai lattes loved by locals and visitors alike. One sip will leave you yearning for more.

What Chai Tea Latte Options Do You Offer?

So you’ve decided to try a chai latte. Our team can make one exactly how you want it. Many people love chai lattes because they can be customized to meet your exact tastes. Chai lattes are popular all year long, and from what we see, about half of the time people have them iced vs. hot. Whether you prefer a cold refreshing drink or a hot calming latte, we have you covered. If you’re feeling adventurous try the Dirty Chai with shots of our quality espresso. Avoiding milk-based products? We offer dairy alternatives as well.

About Sedonuts

Whether you are in the mood for a chai tea latte, a coffee-based drink, or delicious donuts made from scratch, we would love to welcome you to our shop. Located in the heart of the Red Rocks, our coffee and donut shop is the perfect place to start your day, socialize with friends, or work on your next project. Come see us today and find your new favorite coffee, and donut shop!