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At Sedonuts, the #1 coffee and donut shop in the Southwest, we offer a wide variety of beverages to help you conquer your day. All of our drinks pair perfectly with the delicious donuts we make right here in our shop located in the Red Rocks. Specialty coffee drinks are a mainstay of our menu, and espresso is at the base of many of these popular drinks. While espresso is what gives many drinks their rich coffee flavor, many people prefer espresso alone as well.

Regulars and visitors alike order our espresso often, and this page is dedicated to answering your questions about this popular coffee drink. If you are looking for a go-to coffee shop with fantastic espresso in Sedona, we’re confident we have exactly what you’re looking for at Sedonuts.

What is Espresso?

Espresso is made using specialized machinery and unique, finely ground coffee beans. This beverage is akin to a super-charged coffee because the ratio of coffee to water is much less than a normal cup of coffee. The result is a thicker, more flavorful brew which can really give you a jolt of energy when you need one. Espresso has a strong flavor and if you love coffee, then espresso is worth a try if you have never had one before.

Why is Sedonuts Espresso Unique?

At Sedonuts, we pride ourselves on offering fair-trade, organic and freshly-made drinks of all kinds. This stays true in our espresso, which features fresh beans imported from Brazil which we roast locally right here in Arizona. The result is a full-flavored and fresh espresso which our regulars come back for time and time again. Each drink we make is made to order, and you’ll taste the freshness and unique flavor we offer in our espresso.

What Espresso Options are Available?

Espresso is a strong drink, and it’s available as a standalone shot or as an add-in for many of our specialty drinks. We offer a double espresso shots. For people who prefer milk with their espresso, we can add it in or even add in a milk substitute if you would like. Some people love the taste of espresso but they might be trying to wind down instead of perk up. In this case, we can offer a decaf option. Our espresso also serves as the base of many popular drinks like americanos, cappuccinos, lattes, mochas, and even our signature drink: the Sedonuccino

Welcome to Your New Favorite Coffee Shop!

If you haven’t visited us at Sedonuts yet, we would love to welcome you to our shop. We’re thrilled to be the “happy place” for professionals, students, local explorers and travelers alike. We offer craft coffee creations, an almost-endless menu of scratch-made donuts, and some of the best ambiance and conversations you’ll find in the area. Come by to try an espresso or any of our other unique local creations today!