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Our Commitment to Quality

At Sedonuts and Coffee, our commitment to quality coffee is as meaningful as our commitment to quality donuts.

Carefully Sourced

Ensuring quality, integrity, and positive impact.

Fresh to Order

Hand-roasted here in Sedona, fresh to order every week.

Exclusive Blend

Pairing with a local coffee roaster to provide a unique blend.

A Combination you'll enjoy

We wanted to break free from the stereotype of a donut shop just being somewhere you run in, grab your donuts and leave. Instead, our mission was to create a fuller experience pairing great coffee with our freshly made donuts. The rich intensity of a finely roasted coffee, paired with a light, perfectly sweet, sticky donut is a combination we want everyone to enjoy.
Donuts and Coffee

A Unique Blend

Our journey was to find the perfect coffee that matched up to the quality of our donuts. The result is our own unique blend of coffee – sold exclusively at Sedonuts. Our coffee is fair trade, organic and originates from one of the highest quality coffee growing regions in Peru. Sedonuts roast is carefully sourced for quality, integrity and the positive impact the producers and importers are making in the coffee communities.

The absolute best

Knowing how much love and care goes into growing the coffee beans means that we ensure love and care goes into roasting and brewing every single cup. Our coffee is hand-roasted here in Arizona, fresh to order every week. We serve drip coffee and cold brew and only grind beans at the time of brewing to ensure the taste is the absolute best it can be.

Donut and Coffee

The Taste

Just what is that taste? Grab a cup from us, and you can expect a smooth and creamy coffee with notes of citrus, plum and milk chocolate. Whether you’re a coffee connoisseur or just love a good cup, you are sure to appreciate the undeniable quality of the coffee we serve at Sedonuts and Coffee.

At Sedonuts, we’re proud to be the #1 coffee and donut shop in the Southwest! We welcome regulars and visitors alike to our shop every day. Our fair-trade, locally roasted coffee pairs perfectly with our made-from-scratch donuts for a great boost to get you through your day.

We’re confident we have the specialty coffee to cater to your unique tastes. With options including Sedona’s favorite cup of coffee, our Sedonuts Red Rocks Reserve Roast featuring fair-trade organic Peruvian beans, and our classic creations like espresso, lattes, mochas, chai lattes, and cappuccinos, our customers love the variety we offer every day in our shop.

To learn more about our most frequently ordered specialty coffee options, check out the next few sections where we detail why our offerings are so popular for Sedona locals and visitors to the area alike.


Looking for a quick energy boost to get you through a day outdoors, in the office, or through a study session? Our espresso is the perfect solution. We ethically source high quality espresso beans and roast them locally, and the result is our Vortex Velvet roast: a unique finished product which our customers love. Our espresso is available as the base of many of our specialty drinks, or as a standalone double. We even have a decaf option for people who love the taste but don’t need the caffeine. Read More …


Lattes are simple and delicious, and they’re one of the most popular drinks we serve. Using our high quality espresso beans and steamed milk (also offered in a milk alternative) along with some expert craftsmanship, our team can make a latte just the way you like it. Add in extra espresso, flavors, or make it iced to create the perfect latte to start your day. Read More …


Who doesn’t love coffee and chocolate? If you’re looking for the perfect sweet drink to pair with our delicious donuts, our mocha is a fantastic choice. Like our lattes, we take the time to create the perfect drink to your exact specifications. Our mochas feature premium Ghirardelli cocoa powder, and you can taste the difference from the first sip. Read More …

Chai Tea Latte

While most popular in the fall due to their unique spiced taste, chai tea lattes are a favorite of many of our regulars and team members year-round. You can’t go wrong with a chai, and it’s available hot for cold winter days or iced for a refreshing summer treat. Customize it with whichever flavor add-in you’re feeling for a unique experience or add our quality espresso shots if you’re feeling adventurous. Read More …


If you’re in search of the ultimate creamy, smooth coffee drink, you’ll love our cappuccinos. We make these drinks with a thick layer of milk foam and can offer them with alternative milk, additional flavors, or as a decaf option. The Sedonuccino is not a cappuccino drink. It’s our take on the Frappuccino, a blended iced coffee. Please add one more web page for the Sedonuccino and include it as it’s own drink on this page. Read More …

Visit our coffee and donut shop today to enjoy delicious drinks, a fun atmosphere and a variety of popular donuts right here in the heart of the Red Rocks. Come see why people make us part of their Sedona experience time and time again.