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Our Commitment to Quality

At Sedonuts and Coffee, our commitment to quality coffee is as meaningful as our commitment to quality donuts.

Carefully Sourced

Ensuring quality, integrity, and positive impact.

Fresh to Order

Hand-roasted here in Sedona, fresh to order every week.

Exclusive Blend

Pairing with a local coffee roaster to provide a unique blend.

A Combination you'll enjoy

We wanted to break free from the stereotype of a donut shop just being somewhere you run in, grab your donuts and leave. Instead, our mission was to create a fuller experience pairing great coffee with our freshly made donuts. The rich intensity of a finely roasted coffee, paired with a light, perfectly sweet, sticky donut is a combination we want everyone to enjoy.
Donuts and Coffee
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A Unique Blend

On our journey to find the perfect coffee that matched up to the quality of our donuts, we paired with Freeform Coffee, a fantastic local coffee roaster. The result is our own unique blend of coffee – sold exclusively at Sedonuts. Our coffee is fair trade, organic and originates from one of the highest quality coffee growing regions in Peru. Sedonuts blend is carefully sourced for quality, integrity and the positive impact the producers and importers are making in the coffee communities.

The absolute best

Knowing how much love and care goes in to growing the coffee beans means that we ensure love and care goes in to roasting and brewing every single cup. Our coffee is hand-roasted here in Sedona, fresh to order every week. We serve drip coffee and cold brew and only grind beans at the time of brewing to ensure the taste is the absolute best it can be.
Sedonuts Coffee
Donut and Coffee

The Taste

Just what is that taste? Grab a cup from us, and you can expect a smooth and creamy coffee with notes of citrus, plum and milk chocolate. Whether you’re a coffee connoisseur or just love a good cup, you are sure to appreciate the undeniable quality of the coffee we serve at Sedonuts and Coffee.



Gluten Free Donuts

You asked for it and we listened. From plain to delicious filled donuts, we’ve got something for everyone!