Sedonuts and Coffee

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Sweet treats for everyone!

Red Rock Chocolate Donut

Red Rock Chocolate

Red Rock Glazed Donut

Red Rock Glazed

Red Rock Oreo Donut

Red Rock Oreo

Red Rock Velvet Donut

Red Rock Velvet

Raspberry Filled Donut

Raspberry Filled

The Vortex Donut

The Vortex

Vanilla Cake Donut

Vanilla Cake

Vanilla Frosted Donut

Vanilla Frosted

Vanilla Let It Snow Donut

Vanilla Let It Snow

Maple Bacon Donut

Maple Bacon

Old Fashioned Maple Donut

Old Fashioned Maple

Old Fashioned Glazed Donut

Old Fashioned Glazed

Old Fashioned Chocolate Donut

Old Fashioned Chocolate

Mini Vortex Donut

Mini Vortex

Maple Cake Donut

Maple Cake

Powder Sugar Donut

Powder Sugar

Raised Chocolate Donut

Raised Chocolate

Raised Chocolate Sprinkle

Raised Chocolate Sprinkle

Plain Cake Donut

Plain Cake

Pink Frosted Donut

Pink Frosted

Chocolate Sprinkle Cake

Chocolate Sprinkle Cake

Cinnamon Sugar Cake Donut

Cinnamon Sugar Cake

Cocoa Donut


Coconut Cake Donut

Coconut Cake

Fruity Donut


Apple Turnover Donut

Apple Turnover

Apple Fritter Donut

Apple Fritter

Lemon Filled Donut

Lemon Filled

Lemon Drop Donut

Lemon Drop

It's Nutty Donut

It's Nutty

Blueberry Glazed Donut

Blueberry Glazed

Blueberry Lemon Donut

Blueberry Lemon

Blueberry Vanilla Donut

Blueberry Vanilla

Boston Cream Donut

Boston Cream

Cherry Turnover Donut

Cherry Turnover

Chocolate Let It Snow Donut

Chocolate Let It Snow

Almond Bear Claw Donut

Almond Bear Claw

Chocolate Cake Donut

Chocolate Cake

Glazed Donut


We've Got Organic Coffee too!

Every cup begins with a commitment to source the finest quality organic beans… for the perfect coffee moment!