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Sedona, AZ – Local Coffee Shop Serves Hot or Iced Espresso Coffee Drinks

Espresso is used for various specialty coffee drinks and also enjoyed on its own by many people. If you love the flavor of coffee, espresso offers a concentrated taste and when it’s made correctly it can be the perfect way to get a quick energy boost in the form of a delicious drink.

Our coffee shop located in the heart of the Red Rocks prides itself on creating the highest quality coffee, espresso, specialty drinks, donuts, and sweet treats you can find in Sedona. Our products are loved by locals and visitors alike, and we’re proud to be the #1 coffee and donut shop in the Southwest.

We go the extra mile to craft our Vortex Velvet roast, the best espresso you can find, and we know you will taste the difference from your first sip. In the next few sections, we will provide some information on what makes our espresso exceptional, what espresso options we offer, and why Sedonuts is sure to become your new favorite coffee shop.

High Quality Imported Espresso Beans

Any espresso brew starts with the beans, and we’re proud to have some of the highest quality beans from top-tier coffee growing regions. Our beans are ethically sourced directly from Brazil using fair trade practices. Our espresso is full bodied, sweetness with balance and mild acidity, the perfect flavor profile for any espresso drinker.

Locally Roasted and Made Fresh

While the beans are a major factor in the overall quality of an espresso, they must be fresh in order to taste their best. All of our coffee is small batch roasted weekly here in Arizona.  Where our seasoned roasters skillfully unlock the flavor profile of each bean through precise roasting. These locally roasted beans come straight to our shop, where they are ground when you order your drink. Our commitment to quality and freshness is what gives our espresso its captivating flavor.

Enjoy Alone or in a Specialty Drink

If you love espresso and are excited to try ours, we can serve it hot or iced.espresso roast is a crowd favorite among our locals, team members and repeat visitors. Many people like espresso, but they prefer it in the form of a cappuccino, mocha, latte, americano, or other specialty drink. Our baristas are experienced in making all sorts of custom creations, and we can make the perfect cup just for your tastes.

Experience Sedona’s Favorite Coffee Shop

Our coffee shop is a can’t miss destination and if you’re a Sedona local or you are planning a visit to the Red Rocks, you’re always welcome at Sedonuts. In addition to our espresso, we serve specialty brewed coffee, fresh donuts which are hand crafted every day, and many other items you and your whole group are sure to love.

We invite you to taste the difference in our espresso and our other quality products by stopping to see us today or next time you’re in the area. Our friendly team of baristas can’t wait to create the perfect espresso for you!