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Cottonwood, AZ – Latte Customization Options Explained | Coffee Shop News

Experience the Red Rocks’ Favorite Lattes

Lattes are smooth, creamy, and universally loved by almost any coffee drinker. One thing people enjoy about lattes is how versatile they are, and discovering the ideal creation for your tastes can be a revelation. While these drinks might seem simple, they can differ in quality based on a number of factors.

At Sedonuts®, our lattes feature the Vortex Velvet roast, our signature espresso. Because it’s made from the highest quality beans which are locally roasted and freshly ground, this espresso features a one-of-a-kind taste and elevates our lattes. We also have a team of experienced baristas who can craft excellent lattes.

Our lattes are popular among regulars, visitors, and our team members with just espresso and steamed milk, but taking advantage of customizing your latte can help you find the ideal drink for your tastes. In the sections to follow, we will detail all the options you have to create the perfect latte at Sedonuts®.

Extra Espresso Shot

Lattes are a great way to start any day, but if you’re running low on energy then we can help with an extra espresso shot. Because we offer high quality espresso, adding another shot will make the latte stronger but it won’t overpower the drink.

Milk Alternative

The other ingredient in a standard latte along with espresso is steamed milk. Many people enjoy lattes but they might be seeking a healthier option or have an intolerance to dairy. If you fall into this category, we can help by offering our lattes using almond milk, soy milk, or oat milk.


Aside from changing the amount of espresso or type of milk used, we also can offer the ultimate customization option in the form of flavors. Adding flavoring to your latte allows you to truly make it your own. We offer a host of flavors which pair well with our lattes, including chocolate, vanilla, pistachio, and more.


Our regulars love to drink lattes year-round, but they don’t always want to drink a hot latte on a hot Arizona summer day. We offer our lattes either hot or iced, so you can select the right option for your preference or the weather.


While many people drink lattes for the caffeine kick, others just love the taste and crave a latte any time of day. If you’re in the mood for a late night latte but don’t want to stay up for several hours, we can use decaf espresso to ensure you get your latte fix without the energy boost.

Add a Sweet Treat

While it’s not exactly a latte customization, we would be remiss if we didn’t mention the opportunity to pair your one-of-a-kind latte with a handmade donut, cinnamon roll, or one of our other delicious sweet treats. Our award winning donuts are a favorite among everyone who stops in, and we hand make them each day to ensure they’re fresh and tasty for our customers.

We would love to serve the ideal latte for you at Sedonuts® the #1 Coffee & Donut Shop Destination in the Southwest today. Stop in and see us anytime to experience your new favorite coffee shop!